Want A Better Concrete Floor In The Garage? Supervise Your Contractors!

Indeed, the decision of opting for concrete in your garage is right! We actually insist upon this selection as it’s a very long-lasting and tough flooring option. And a space like a garage that’s always invaded with heavy vehicles and objects should definitely have such a tough flooring. It’s even easy to maintain and the tough stains of grease and oil won’t haunt you now. However, all this happens only when the initial application is perfect and to the point.

Various Things To Ask Or Instruct Your Contractor To Ensure The Concrete Is Laid Perfectly In Your Garage!

It’s actually so easy to just choose a suitable type of concrete and tell the concreters in Melbourne from Gorillacon Concrete to lay them on your property. They are the best contractors in town who take it as their responsibility to level the concrete perfectly on your garages or driveways and make them look absolutely welcoming and pleasant. But as a house owner, we would specially suggest you look into these matters and see to it that the flooring in your garage is perfect.

o   Do your part of the research — Whether it’s for choosing an exposed aggregate for driveways in Melbourne, or finding the good contractors for your concrete garage floor job, always do your part of research well. You should know what the pros and cons are of installing concrete in your garage as well. Apart from it, the company that you are hiring for the task should be well reputed and come with great customer reviews. Only then can you ensure that the new garage floor (concrete) that you are installing is going to be superb.

 o   Check the floor level requirements — There were some old building codes specified earlier that your garage floor should be lower than the fourth level of the ground (as compared to the interiors). But in most of the places this code has resolved and there’s nothing like a separate ground level for your garages. Still, there might be some contractors who think that this is necessary to follow. Do inquire about this step along with checking the legal codes before you agree with this kind of flooring level for your garage.

 o   Ground preparation— Never ever let the contractors start with the concrete laying project without a proper ground preparation. It is extremely important if you want your garage floor to be perfectly levelled and long lasting.

 o   Insist on vapour barrier — Water has this tendency to move up the porous concrete. This obviously can damage the floor very soon. It’s obviously very important to prevent this damage. You can insist your contractor install a vapour barrier on the concrete. It’s a thin layer of plastic that safeguards the surface but is hardly expensive.

 o   Check for expansion joints — You might know that concrete contracts and even expands with the changing weather conditions. That is why it is necessary to include expansion joints at the corners of the floor. These joints take care of the expansion and contraction of the floor and reduce the stress that happens consequently.

 Just as these are essential, even checking the proper mixture of the concrete stays essential. Lastly, don’t forget to keep an eye on the finishing of the floor to make sure that your garage can flaunt the most presentable and sturdy floor.

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