The Positive & Negative Qualities Of Installing Coloured Concrete In Your Property!

We are not at all surprised that you are thinking of installing coloured concrete in your home. These look absolutely wonderful and are actually trending nowadays in the home décor arena. Whether you are using it in the interiors, in your terrace, or as your driveways, they are sure to enhance the beauty of these spaces very well. But as you are choosing this kind of material for your home, are you aware of its good and bad points? Well, we all know the basic qualities of concrete and that is why we even welcome coloured concrete to our spaces. But you will be surprised to know that there are different positive and negative qualities of coloured concrete which vary from the intrinsic properties of concrete in general.

The Pros & Cons Of Installing Coloured Concrete In Your Property!

All the good concrete contractors in Melbourne like Gorillacon would suggest you to install coloured concrete in your home. They are very experienced and properly trained in this task and have a large line of happy customers singing praises of their excellent work. But if you want to know about the good and bad sides of adding this type of concrete to your property, read on.

o   Pro – These are attractive – It goes without saying that the coloured concretes are always better than the plain ones aesthetically. You can select any colour of your choice and even go for patterns and designs. The outcome of installing coloured concrete in the driveway or any other area of your house will be really appealing and attractive.

o   ConThe moisture issue – If the coloured concrete base is not sealed properly, there are very high chances of moisture penetration deep inside them. That leads to early cracks in the concrete, and it won’t last for long either.

o   Pro – They are super durable – The basic quality of concrete’s life span continues to be an excellent perk of coloured concrete as well. But not just the structure, even the colour shades of these concrete are very durable and don’t get impacted by any environmental or other factors.

 o   Con – The structural problem – Coloured concrete can look really weird and strange if you are laying them on a base that is not structurally straight. But the issue can be solved if you take some time and call the experts to straighten the base before laying the concrete on it.

 o   Pro – Cost effective floors – If you think that because it is coloured concrete it would be expensive, then you are highly mistaken here. Coloured concrete is also very economical and in fact a very amazing choice in construction. Because you are not only getting a tough flooring, but even a presentable one within a very low budget range.

o   Con – Gets cold and hot faster – Coloured concrete being a natural material is a very good conductor of heat. That is why it gets cold and heated super quickly. This can be a negative point during the extreme winter conditions and even in the scorching summers.

We hope you noted down all the good and bad qualities of coloured concrete. Now you can weigh your decision about installing them more practically and see if you still like this material for your home or not.

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